Standard Cooling & Sifting TableThe Maverick


The all New Maverick 80-quart Popper.

~ Dumps directly into a cooling table

~ Dual Lighting system spark & pilot light

~ TRQ lift assist for easy operation [ NEW ]


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Grand Master 162-quart Popper The Clydesdale Popper


This popper has all the awesome new features of the Maverick but with the larger163qt kettle.

~ Pops 2-3 times the volume ~


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Large Cooling & Sifting TableDeluxe 80 Large Cooling & Sifting Table


Deluxe 80 cooling & sifting table

~ Large 3 bin. 24"x48"x8" it is 36" tall

~ 3/8 or 1/2 inch sifting hole screen

~ Removeable legs for easy transport

~ Re-enforced corners

~ Top rim for easy wipedown & rigidness

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Deluxe 160 Cooling & Sifting TableDeluxe 160 X-Large Cooling & Sifting Table


The Deluxe 160 cooling & sifting table

is designed to work with the Clydesdale 160 popper. Perfect for large volume popping.

Has all the same features and design of the

Deluxe 80 sifting table... just bigger.


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Standard Cooling & Sifting TableStandard Cooling & Sifting Table


The Standard Cooling & Sifting Table.

Solid, Sturdy, Versatile and built to last.


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Classic Kettle Corn Popper Classic 80qt Kettle Corn Popper


The Classic 80qt Kettle Corn Machine. High quality fabrication, built to last. Easy to transport



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Standard Cooling & Sifting TableIngredient Counter with Sink


Designed by veteran Kettle Corn concession stand professionals.


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~ More supplies equipment and accessories coming soon ~


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