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Popping Corn [ Tips ]


Q - I'm getting a lot of old maids out of every batch that I pop. What can I do to get a higher yield with less unpopped kernels?


A - The operator is probably stirring too fast and getting the popcorn out of the "hot spot". They are pushing it up the sides. Also, we recommend that you purchase one of our "Auto-Stirs"... You'll definitely increase your yield using the Automatic stirring enclosed system.


Q - What brand of sugar do you recommend?


A - We use Domino Pure Cane Sugar. [ Google search where to buy ]


Q - What is the ingredient ratio for cooking kettle corn that I can apply to any size batch? [ recipe here ]


A - The rule of thumb is "Two to One" -- 2 part kernels to 1 part oil. And, for every 6 cups of kernels use 2 cups of Sugar.




Troubleshooting your equipment


Q - I'm getting a yellow flame coming out of the burner, Isn't it supposed to be blue?


A - Yes, the flame is definitely supposed to be blue; a yellow flame indicates that there is a problem.


All of our equipment is test fired before shipping. However, occasionally parts get damaged over constant use, or operators sometimes modify the system. Below are a few tips on how to solve the most common problems...


The yellow flame indicates that it's burning too rich. IOW, the air/fuel ratio isn't right. Typically, there is an air damper that allows you to adjust the mixture for the optimum burn. The damper is usually a simple disc mounted where the gas hose is attached to the burner. You can rotate the disc to increase the combustion air opening. There is also the possibility that the burner orifice is designed for natural gas rather than propane. A natural gas orifice is much larger than a propane one and this will cause the mixture to be overly rich. A missing or damaged [cracked] orifice could also cause this problem. The regulator is rarely the problem as they usually either work well or not at all and they are quite reliable generally. I would check the orifice first. It is usually a brass fitting with a very small hole that screws into the burner casting right at the damper. There is also the possibility that someone tried to modify the orifice by drilling it out larger hoping to increase the burner performance. You should be able to find a replacement orifice fitting if that turns out to be the problem. It is also possible that someone put the orifice in backwards, this will always result in a large yellow dangerous flame.


Q - I think there is a small leak in the gas line assembly. How can I tell if there is a gas leak and locate it?


A - Check for leaks using soapy water and a spray bottle. Make sure the gas pressure is turned on but not the burner control valve, and spray the soapy water on the regulator, hose, ball valve and other components; if there is a leak you'll see bubbles coming out.


Q - My spark igniter isn't working, do I need to go buy a replacement?


A - Spark igniter repair...

I once had a roommate back in the 90's when I was single, that had a job driving around Salt Lake City repairing copiers, printers, and Fax machines. The customers were complaining that something "broke" and needs to be "fixed". Well, almost always he just cleaned them through a very simple process and nothing was broke at all. That's also true with Spark Igniter's, the majority of the time all they need is a simple cleaning.

Here's a link to an article called - Your gas grill igniter isn't broken - Here


How to succeed in the Kettle Corn Business


Q - I'm just starting out in the Kettle Corn Business, what's the best advice that you can give me to help me make a success out of this venture?


A - Remember these three very important things... Do the work, have the right mind set [ some people call it attitude ], and watch your money.. Do these three things right and you cant help but succeed, in fact if you do those three things right it will be impossible not to succeed.


You'll need three ingredients to make kettle corn and comparatively you'll need those business ingredients to make a good run at any business. More details on the three things that your going to need in order to succeed... hey, that rhymes!