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Accessory Cart - Multi purpose


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Accessory Cart


Accessory Cart









~ Product Details ~

Auto-Stir battery - propane - accessory cart


This multi-purpose accessory cart is perfect for use with the various components of your kettle corn kitchen:


All in one multi-purpose cart

~Auto-Stir battery cart

~ Propane cart

~ oil-stand

~ Ladle & measuring cup holding latch underneath.

~ Sifting Table cart. Place next to your sifting table for easy access to - Plastic bags, scoops, salt, sugar... and much more.


Product Specifications:

~ Stainless steel

~ Sturdy construction

~ 29" high, 18" wide, 37" long

~ 8" rear wheels for easy rolling

~ Solid steel axle for durability

~ locking front casters

~ Utinsle hook

~ Propane tank noches [ for propane tank secure stability during transport ]

~ Cart handle for easy tilt or lift



Multi Purpose Accessory Cart

$175.00 - Free standard shipping

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