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~ Primarily all Stainless Steel Construction. Everyting including the rivets are stainless steel except for the motor box on top which is is a strong one piece unit made from food grade aluminum material. The magnet assembly of coarse is steel.

~ Highly effecient 360º ventilation system. During the early popping stage, when the lids are closed, moisture builds up quickly. Having a properly ventilated system allows the moisture to escape prior to opening the lids during the latter popping stage.

~ Highly insulated re-enforced power-cord with not only an inner and outer insulation layers but also comes with an additional protective secondary cover to protect the power cord from constantly being exposed to a high temperature outdoor environment. In addition to being well insulated and protected its very light, flexible, and easy to work with, not to mention attractive as well.

~ High quality on off switch rated for higher temperatures at 25,000-cycles. The switch is mounted on top of the motor box allowing access from either side of the popper and also keeps it away from the heat coming from the kettle.

~ Industry standard high quality precision machined stainless steel couplers. We have these couplers custom made for us by the OEM here in the USA, both the upper and lower couplers.

~ Motor box ventilation. The stainless steel motor box vents allow heat to escape from the motor box allowing the motor to cool down faster and also helps to prevent other components inside the motor box from overheating and thus creating potential breakdowns. Also allows moisture to escape.

~ Motor box base insulation. We now use a high quality high r-value adhesive insulation that adheres to the base where the motor box mounts to help prevent overheating of the motor and other components.

~ Reliable connectivity. The 2-pole connectors are highly resistant to unwanted disconnects and are also streamlined, light, reliable and easy to work with.

~ Battery connectivity parts included

~ A pro-style Bondus hex driver is included with every order so that you can easily and quickly check your coupler fittings.

~ The motor-box itself is one solid piece, no dismantling of the box required to gain access, just loosen the two external mounting bolts and the entire box easily comes off and lifts for quick and easy access to the motor box for fast on-site maintenance.

~ improved stirring attachment configured from field trials and customer feedback.

~ Low profile Stainless Steel Rivets for food processing equipment Maintains a higher level of sanitation, easy to keep clean.

~ High temp shaft bearing rated at 500º plus degrees.

~ The steel magnet plate is secured with a Solid Stainless Steel flush rivet... No micro-nuts falling out into your batch of popcorn.

~ It also looks good and is very presentable to the public, but that is not where the focus was applied during the research and development period; I wanted better components, better design features, better performance, and I'm pleased with the results.



Features & Specifications:

~ Covered kettle keeps in the rockets and satisfies health departments
~ 360º ventilation to let out moisture
~ Lightweight, ( easy on the operator when dumping )
~ Easy on-off switch accessable to either side of the popper.
~ Front and rear hinged lids with solid stainless steel plate mounted durable magnets to hold open the lids, with adjustable hold and release power.
~ 10 foot cord
~ Easy instalation and removal.

~ Unique stirring attachment designed from field testing and customer feedback that produces a perfect batch.

Motor ratings:
~ 50 W, 12v DC Rated No electricity needed just a deep cycle battery.

~ ( Optional 110 volt inverter for additional $50.00 )
~ Torque: 53 in-lb (6N.m)
~ Stall torque: 177 in-lb (20N.m)
~ Unload speed: 50rpm,1.5A (@ 12vDC)

~ Noise: <50dB


We custom fit to your popper @ no extra charge for standard size poppers such as 160-qt and 80-qt poppers.

Larger than 160-qt poppers will require a custom quote.


( "Warning" ReAd THiS... This is a 12 volt system, plugging the Auto-Stir into a 110volt outlet without an inverter will void manufacturers Warranty! )



Stainless CouplerCustom Fit




Kettle Corn Automatic Stirrer - 12 volt system - $1,799.00 - $849.00 Free Shipping

Kettle Corn Automatic Stirrer -12 volt sytem with 110v inverter - 1,799.00 - 899.00 Free Shipping



Auto-Stir Battery cart

auto-stir battery cart