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This is not only The First 12-Volt Auto-Stir on the market it is the ONLY 12 Volt system on the Market. A deep cycle battery will last weeks in most applications before you need to recharge the battery. Low amperage with all the power you need in this lightweight, low-profile system designed by experienced Kettle Corn Veteran Eric Price.


Features & Specifications:

~ Covered kettle keeps in the rockets and satisfies health departments
~ Custom fit to any popper currently on the market, large or small
~ Vents to let out moisture
~ Lightweight, 14 LBS !!! ( easy on the operator when dumping )
~ Easy on-off switch
~ Front and rear hinged lids with magnets to hold open
~ 10 foot cord
~ Easy removal for clean-up, remove only 2 wing nuts and lift unit

~ Unique stirring attachment that produces a perfect batch of Kettle Corn

Motor ratings:
~ 50 W, 12v DC Rated No electricity needed just a deep cycle battery.

~ ( Optional 110 volt inverter for additional $50.00 )
~ Torque: 53 in-lb (6N.m)
~ Stall torque: 177 in-lb (20N.m)
~ Unload speed: 50rpm,1.5A (@ 12vDC)

~ Noise: <50dB


We custom fit to your popper @ no extra charge!


( "Warning" ReAd THiS... This is a 12 volt system, plugging the Auto-Stir into a 110volt outlet without an inverter will void manufacturers Warranty! )



Custom Fit Custom Fit



~ Watch the Videos below to see the Auto-Stir in action! ~


Kettle Corn Automatic Stirrer - 12 volt system - $1,799.00 - $849.00 Free Shipping

Kettle Corn Automatic Stirrer -12 volt sytem with 110v inverter - 1,799.00 - 899.00 Free Shipping


These auto-stir units are made with high quality components and are built to last. And, we've had very good success with them, our customers love them and they also love the price. Our customers also like our quick response time to meet any warranty issues, we want to keep you popping and continue making the profits from this fantastic business!


Auto-Stir Battery cart

auto-stir battery cart


Videos of the Auto-Stir

[ Please note, these videos show older versions of the auto-stir, some key components have been changed for improved performance. ]


12 volt Kettle Corn Auto-Stir

Removing Auto-Stir from Kettle Pot


About the Stirring attachment


Hobart Install


Caramel Corn made with Auto-Stir