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Gas Ignitor 17.75 inch

Super-Probe Gas Igniter - 12-3/4 inches LongGas Ignitor, 3 sizes

The Only igniter you will ever need!

Super-Probe Gas Igniter - 12-3/4 inches long

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Do you want an igniter that is reliable and will not give up after just two or three months of use?

Look no further, we have what your searching for...

Most gas igniters are mass produced as throw away items and have a life-span of only 3 - 4 months.

These no-gas spark igniters will go on lighting your gas appliances year after year.


  • Extra Long Reach

  • Avoid Burns

  • Easy Action

  • Instant Ignition

  • Chosen by Professionals

  • Safe

  • Designed to Last

  • Saves Money

  • Stylish and Practical


Robust – made of tough and durable materials. Strong metal tubing is used instead of thin walled plastic. British engineering in place of cost cutting designs. These igniters are built to last!


Easy to use - simply press the easy-action button for instant spark and ignition of your appliance. Low friction materials and design for ease-of-use ensure that you get maximum performance from minimum effort. 


No need for Batteries, Flints, Refills.


Thoroughly tested - they have been tested for a life of up to a quarter of a million operations! That’s the equivalent of over 34 years of use at 20 ignitions per day!


Safer than other igniters – with the Super-Probe Igniter - your hand is kept a long way away from the gas flame.


Reliable in all conditions. Other igniters which produce weak sparks do not work well in adverse conditions such as high humidity, steam, or damp environments. Many of them are made with smaller crystals, but these igniters are made with larger crystals and other quality components to produce a powerful hot spark ( this product produces hot sparks. It does not produce a flame ) and are renowned for their reliability in all conditions. That is just one of the reasons why they are widely used in industry and by professional chefs around the world. 


The unique length of the Super-Probe makes it the ideal tool for lighting kettle corn poppers, gas barbecue grills, ovens and much much more.


Decades of experience has gone into the design, development, testing, and continuous improvements of these excellent igniters. They are the most reliable igniters available. There is no other igniter quite like it.


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