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Mr Heater Corp F273719 High Pressure Regulator with P.O.L.
Range of 0-60 PSI (P.O.L. x 1/4" Female Pipe Thread) - most commonly used on torches, fish cookers, smokers or other high pressure appliances.


Here are "some" of the current suppliers: ( Check for lowest price and best customer service )

HOS - Newegg - SimSupply - HWD - Deerso

BHS - TTW - Newegg


Lp RegulatorLP Regulator




Pressure Guage - Best Materials


Pressure Guage



Sterilitei 6.25-Gallon ( 25 quart ) Modular Latch Storage Box


Walmart | This is the same bin that we use with our cooling and sifting tables


Storage bin





Check back soon for more recommened suppliers, thanks for visiting!