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Shipping Policy does not charge shipping on items with a free shipping icon next to them on our website when shipped to US locations. Shipments to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and other US territories outside "Main-land" boundaries are not eligible for free shipping unless a CSR of notifies the potential purchaser in writing otherwise.

Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and all international shipments require an individual quote for shipping. Certain items designated with "plus shipping" may also require an individual quote for shipping costs before you place your order. If you order via the phone, or send us an email requesting a quote, you will be notified of the shipping charges before or after you place your order. If you order Online, a customer service representative will contact you within 2 business days after your order is placed with any additional shipping charges that may apply before the item is shipped.


International customers are responsible for all duties, tariffs, taxes, and all import related fees imposed by the country of import.


For items damaged during shipment, customers are required to follow our shipping policy on items damaged during shipment in order to qualify for repair, replacement, compensation, or return of items damaged during shipment.



Shipping Policy on items damaged during shipment:

Most shipments have no external or internal damage when received by the customer. However, delivery personnel do sometimes carelessly damage our shipments. For your protection and ours, we ask that you please inspect your packages and contents carefully before signing for them. Please, by all means... tell the delivery driver that you need to inspect the package and its contents before signing. If you feel it's necessary, open it up right in front of him/her and make them wait while you inspect it for possible damage. See a big gapping hole in a box? image1 Parts may have fallen out... please refuse to sign unless the driver is willing to wait while you open the box and inspect for missing parts that do sometimes fall out of the box during shipment through the holes they inflict.


If the package appears damaged take detailed photos of the damaged packaging and equipment. Refuse to sign for the shipment and promptly send these photos to, or text them to 903-651-1365.


~ Examples of shipments damaged during transport to our customers ~


1. Here's a an example of a customer who refused a shipment without even having to open the box. Obvious damage was clearly visible through gapping holes ripped in the box by the Carrier during transport. This customer did the right thing and refused to sign, took photos immediately and sent them to us right away. We built two replacement tables and shipped them out to the customer. Refuse the shipment and we handle the dispute with the Carrier so that you don't have to.


Here are the photos the customer sent to us within minutes after refusing to sign for the shipment. image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 the next photo is one of dozens we took when we got the table back from the Carrier image6. The whole table was bent up like this all the way around. We are currently in dispute with the responsible carrier. The Carrier claims that we did not package it properly even though they ripped all the holes in the box so the customer could see the damage and take photos without even

opening the box.


2. Sometimes fork lift drivers on shipping docs like to ram our kettles packaged in boxes with their forks, ripping through the box and denting bowls. See a bowl delivered like this, image1 image2 image3 or a hole in a box that is the same exact size as a fork lift blade?.. Once again..for your own protection and ours...if there appears to be any damage refuse the shipment.


3. This is one of my favorites. We build our Maverick poppers super tough and strong. To give you and idea of just how durable they are built check out these photos image1 image2 image3 image4 The handle that was totally smashed by the carrier on top of the popper is rated to withstand 500-lbs! We clearly put on the BOL - "DONOT STACK"... but obviously they did STACK by putting something so heavy on top of the Maverick popper that it SMASHED a 500-lb rated bar. The Box it came in didn't appear to have any serious damage so the customer signed for it. After opening the box when the driver had left they then noticed the damage. The carrier denied our claim stating that the customer had signed for it. Good thing we build our Maverick popper so solid [ we use thick tubing and framing, its not just a sheet metal box with wheels ] otherwise we'd be out a lot more than the replacement cost of a smashed bar. Here is a photo with the new bar and Auto-Stir on the maverick that was shipped with a crated elephant on top of it. image5 Good as new!




Estimated shipment and delivery times


All freight, after a 3 day processing time, is shipped standard freight which takes approximately 5-14 transit days, unless the customers pays for expedited shipping, to reach US mainland customers, depending on the size of the freight and location of delivery.


Custom orders, or "non-in-stock" equipment that require a "from the ground up build" will take 2-3 weeks on the average to build prior to processing for shipment, and in certain cases where special supplies are required, up to 6 weeks-plus to build. Call or email us for an estimated build time for out of stock items.


“Estimated transit times are based on business days for Standard LTL shipments and are NOT guaranteed. Inside delivery, lift-gate, holiday, appointment scheduling, and indirect shipments may add additional transit time. We recommend that you don't book any shows or events that may require the use of the purchased equipment until you are in possession of the equipment; and, after assembly or set-up are certain that it is functioning properly. Pop a few batches at home to test the equipment.



Return/Cancellation Policy does not offer any returns on any products unless it's a wrong item shipped case. In rare circumstances a customer may qualify for an other than wrong item shipped case return if a Kettle Corn Masters CSR approves a request for a return and notifies the customer in writing of such approval. All items that are approved by Kettle Corn Masters for a return must be returned unused in the condition they were received. Used items may qualify for a return at our sole discretion. Any items that are returned must be shipped by the customer in a timely manner and packaged properly and in the same manner the items were received in order to qualify for a return. All returned items must be packaged and shipped to a Kettle Corn Masters Location by the customer within 10 business days following our written approval for a return or the return approval will be canceled and no returns for the items will be considered in the future. A re-stocking fee of 25% will be charged to the customer for orders canceled prior to shipment, and items returned with our approval. Customer is responsible to pay for return shipments.


Read our Warranty Statement ( Click here )



Legal & Tolerance policy

It’s a policy of ours that company personal not tolerate Intimidating or harassing behavior, threats — whether legal or personal — demands, or other conduct from customers which in any way create a hostile environment, impair agency operations; or frighten, alarm, or inhibit others. Psychological intimidation or harassment is also not tolerated and includes customers making statements which are false, misleading, malicious, disparaging, derogatory, rude, disrespectful, abusive, obnoxious, insubordinate, or which have the intent to hurt others’ reputations. Company CSR's are free to terminate any conversation with a customer if they feel this policy has been breached.


We reserve the right to permantly void any warranty if we determine that any part of our tolerance policy has been violated by a customer at our sole discretion.


A little praise goes a long ways. politeness and patience will get you far more than you hoped for, and for far less than you expected to pay. Threats, demands and accusations will consume more time than you have in a day, and cost you more than you wanted to pay.