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Very nice machine work on the stirrer.

I am impressed after unboxing it and looking it over.

Thanks again Ben

~ Dan, IA


I would like to thank all the people especially Ben LaMoure at KC Masters for the great job they did building my sifter. Not only was it built on time but the quality was outstanding. I highly recommend KC Masters for any of their products. Thanks again KC Masters you guys are great.
~ David, NY


Hi Ben, Just a quick note that we got the auto-stir up and running before our biggest event of the year. We popped about 500# of corn, the machine worked perfectly! And I did notice much fewer unpopped kernels and more bags of kettle corn out of each 50# bag. Thanks for the service,
~ Ken, South Dakota


Now that I have used the stirrer for a season of kettle corn events, I feel that can write a small review of your product. To put it simply, it is AWESOME!!!  My parents and I both have  kettle corn equipment from purchased from North Bend. Their equipment is quality made.

My parents bought North Bends auto stirrer, it works great

I bought yours, I love it.  It is easier to clean up after, it weighs less, having two access lids is a great idea, for some reason it even keeps the bowl cleaner than the North Bend version. I costs less. I would purchase this again.

 One idea for future north bend owners, the electric cable is routed near the burners exhaust and it needs to have a flexible metal conduit due to the extreme heat.

Great product!!!

Nathan, Utah

( Note, I've added a 1.5 foot section of fiberglass sleeving over the "hot-spot" to reslove that problem :-)


I wanted to drop a quick note letting you know how pleased I am with your stirrer. The quality is superior to my other one. We put it to the test this past weekend and it worked very nicely.
Thank you again.
~ Mike, MI

Looks awesome thanks
Eddie, Iowa

That (Auto-Stir) did wonders! It cooked exceptionally well, I don't know how I would have done it without it. So happy.

Stephen, Texas

Hello Ben,
I used the new "old" attachment for my north bend kettle and it worked perfectly. I did Sasquash 4 day concert venue and never stired "old school" 1 time. Made perfect corn every time.
Bill, Washington


I purchased an auto stirrer in January & now that we are into full swing of doing kettle corn events & farmers market I just wanted to email you & let you know how much I really like your craftsmanship.
The stirrer is working fantastic!!!
Dan, Iowa


When Tom purchased the Auto-stir from us he was concerned that it wouldn’t work since several other vendors who were using our competitors Auto-Stirs said that they didn’t work very well. So Tom asked me if it didn’t work for him if he could return it for a refund. I agreed since I felt he would be honest with me. about a month or two after he received his auto-Stir from me he called me on the phone to tell me that it works very well for him, was easy to set up and worked right away and worked great.
Tom, Arizona


Hello Ben,
Eric ... here from .... The stirrer works great, we have done some batches over the past couple of weeks. It pops nice, more complete than my best with a paddle.
Eric, Ohio


We got the auto-stir today.  It looks really good.  Hope to install and give it a test work out this weekend.  Thanks again for the rushed-up service.
Arlene & Russell, Mississippi


A friend of mine just received one of your automatic stirrers for his kettle corn popper and he loves it!
~ Donnie,


I'm loving the stirrer. I couldn't imagine not having it now.
Robert, PA


 Thanks again for the Auto stirrer. Very nice design. Cleans up great...
In have 2 kettles and will probably order another stirrer soon
~ Bill, OH


I received the auto stir Thursday and installed it. It worked fine all weekend. 

~ Tom, NY


Note: More testimonials will be listed as I have time to enter them and update the site.....

Thank you

Ben LaMoure