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Used Equipment for sale

This page is for customers who have used kettle corn equipment for sale.
- send me an email with the details, including your name, contact info, and some images.

Contact Bluu Williams at sweetiespopcorn@gmail.com to make an inquiry about this equipment.
Everything is like NEW.
I only had gotten a chance to practice w/ it, 5-6 times.  I have kept it in my garage, covered w/ a tarp.
I wanted to sell the kettle & accessories as a package deal, including the propane tank & 2 folding, long tables... so they'll be getting everything needed to head off & get cracking!  Everything included, I want to sell for 4,200.

80 Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl,
Aluminum Frame Popper with Wild Cheetah Burner Kit

Small Aluminum Sifting & Cooling Table
30" X 44" x 8" Aluminum Cooling Table. 3/8th inch holes 

Automatic Stirrer (had to be bought separately)

Stirring Paddle, 48" Long, Wood
Measuring Cup, 1 Quart Aluminum
Measuring Cup, 1/2 Quart, Aluminum
StorPlus Food Storage Box, 18"x26"x15", White (pour your popcorn into from the kettle)
Camwear Salt/Pepper with Lid, 10 oz. Clear
24oz Stainless Steel Ladel
2 long folding tables I bought, to set things up on
Propane tank: almost full

Used Kettle corn equipment for sale Used Kettle corn equipment for sale

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