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Ben LaMoure

Used Equipment for sale

This page is for customers who have used kettle corn equipment for sale.
- send me an email with the details, including your name, contact info, and some images.

Contact Bluu Williams at to make an inquiry about this equipment. THIS EQUIPMENT HAS BEEN SOLD, Please visit this page for used equipment as it becomes available. thank you.
Everything is like NEW.
I only had gotten a chance to practice w/ it, 5-6 times.  I have kept it in my garage, covered w/ a tarp.
I wanted to sell the kettle & accessories as a package deal, including the propane tank & 2 folding, long tables... so they'll be getting everything needed to head off & get cracking!  Everything included, I want to sell for 4,200.

80 Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl,
Aluminum Frame Popper with Wild Cheetah Burner Kit

Small Aluminum Sifting & Cooling Table
30" X 44" x 8" Aluminum Cooling Table. 3/8th inch holes 

Automatic Stirrer (had to be bought separately)

Stirring Paddle, 48" Long, Wood
Measuring Cup, 1 Quart Aluminum
Measuring Cup, 1/2 Quart, Aluminum
StorPlus Food Storage Box, 18"x26"x15", White (pour your popcorn into from the kettle)
Camwear Salt/Pepper with Lid, 10 oz. Clear
24oz Stainless Steel Ladel
2 long folding tables I bought, to set things up on
Propane tank: almost full

Used Kettle corn equipment for sale Used Kettle corn equipment for sale

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