Kettle Corn Equipment










Auto Stirrer

Manufacturers Warranty: Electrical and structural components and will have a 6 month warranty. This includes wiring, motors, switches and plugs.


The Auto-Stir is a 12 volt system, plugging the Auto-Stir into a 110volt outlet without an inverter will void manufacturers warranty.


Cooling & Sifting Tables

Manufacturers Warranty: Structural components and parts will have a 6 months warranty. This includes casters and bins.



Manufacturers Warranty: Gas electrical and structural components and will have a 6 month warranty. This includes burners, hoses and fittings.


All warranty periods conclude 6 months from original purchase date and are non-transferable. This warranty is not a service or repair warranty, this is a faulty parts or components replacement warranty only; customer is responsible for removal and installation of any and all parts and components that are replaced under warranty, we may also require the customer to ship the faulty part to us for inspection prior to replacement. Customer is responsible for any and all fastener adjustments, replacements, or fastener modifications that may be necessary. Improper use, improper repair, lack of proper maintenance or any modifications by the customer or any operators of the equipment may also void the warranty if we believe such is the case at our sole discretion. Warranty issues must be addressed via telephone converstation with a company CSR. We reserve the right to permantly void any warranty if we determine that any part of our tolerance policy has been violated by a customer at our sole discretion. Warranty requests via email may not be addressed at our discretion whether the email has reached our inbox or not.


Customers are free to request anything from us whether they fall under the warranty coverage or not via telephone conversation, and at our discretion we may or may not agree to the request on a case by case basis.




For items damaged during shipment, customers are responsible to follow our shipping policy on items damaged during shipment in order to qualify for replacement, compensation, or repair of items damaged during shipment. Improper use by the operator may also void the warranty at our sole discretion.


Read our Shipping Return Legal and Tolerance Policy